About Our Chester County PA PECO Interconnected Grid-Tied Solar System Chester County PA Solar Energy

About Our PECO Grid-Tied Hybrid Solar System
Battery Backup Advantage When PECO Goes Down
PECO Interconnected Grid-Tied Solar System With Battery Backup

"Energy independence is a good feeling, especially in an uncertain world".
About Our Chester County PA PECO Interconnected Grid-Tied Solar System
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About Our PECO Interconnected Grid-Tied Hybrid Solar System

Do you live in Chester County Pennsylvania or your utility company is PECO and you are considering to install a grid-tied solar system interconnected to PECO's transmission and electric distribution system? Are you new to solar renewable energy and curious to how a PECO interconnected grid-tied solar system really works in your area?

Then, you need to talk to well informed people who have already taken the jump to a self-reliant renewable energy future before you start talking to any solar energy company consultants and sales staff.

We were not convinced a PECO interconnected grid-tied solar system that would simply reduce our monthly electric bill with no other immediate benefits would be a good investment. With a PECO interconnected grid-tied solar system and when the PECO utility power goes down, the PECO interconnected grid-tied solar system stopped working as well. No benefit for daytime or nighttime power outage, just reduced our monthly electric bill while producing clean and free energy. The good news was that we would benefit from PECO rate increases, federal credits, state incentives, solar renewable energy credits (SRECs), and at the end of each year, PECO would pay us 100% value for every kilowatt we generated and did not use. The long term benefits included free energy after about ten years when the sun is shining and PECO is up and running to capacity. The bad news was no electricity at all when PECO goes down.

BUT if you add batteries to the PECO interconnected grid-tied solar system, the batteries transform the PECO interconnected grid-tied solar system into a privately owned power plant that produces useable energy even when PECO goes down. That's right, uninterruptable daytime and nighttime power. No gas, propane, generator noise or hassles, just clean and free sustainable energy. And a generator can be connected to the PECO interconnected grid-tied solar system to provide supplemental electricity and charge the solar batteries as needed.

Note: When adding a battery bank to a grid-tied system, the grid-tied system becomes a "hybrid" grid-tied system and provides electricity to your home even when the PECO utility grid is down. Hybrid meaning a combination grid-tied and off-grid solar system.

Advantage Of A PECO Interconnected Grid-Tied Hybrid Solar System

A PECO Interconnected Grid-Tied Hyber Solar System is a combination grid-tied and off-grid solar system that provides continuous energy whether PECO is up or down. The inverter is wired to the home electrical panel box allowing either the solar batteries or a generator to supply electricity to the home.

During a PECO power outage and using your privately owned solar powered electric company with batteries, you can use your well pump, pressure tank, take a hot shower, run a refrigerator and freezer, cook on your stove burners, use your oven, wash your laundry, open and close your garage doors, watch tv, connect to the internet, use your phone, charge your iphones and rechargeable batteries, and use many other electrical powered luxury devices during the daytime and nighttime hours as long as the sun keeps shining.

If you depend on a well water pump, a water pressure tank, septic and sump pumps, with backup batteries you can operate those motors as needed. Each day while the sun is shining, the solar system recharges the batteries while also providing free emergency energy to use on demand. Even a small battery bank can power almost anything for a short period of time in an emergency situation.

In a short-term or long-term power outage emergency situation, alkaline, solar batteries, and rechargeable household type batteries will become as valuable as gold or even diamonds. Solar batteries can recharge rechargeable batteries to energize all of your essential battery operated devices. Motion detection or sensor alarms are battery operated, affordable, and the best security device to alert you when intruders or thieves are prowling your property or home. Right now, today, everybody should have a stock of rechargeable household batteries in all sizes and own one or more motion sensor alarms - could be a life saver.

With batteries added to your grid-tied solar system, you can enjoy all of the above and more in the daytime hours and extend those joys into the night including a well lit house with smoke alarms, door bells, security lights and alarms, and more.

Reasons Why We Installed A PECO Interconnected Hybrid Grid-Tied Solar System

  1. In the Chester County PA area with the PECO utility company, our power goes down frequently, sometimes for days.
  2. We like to know that we have a daily supply of free electricity available to us in times of need, so long as the sun shines.
  3. We did not want to depend on an outdated and deteriorating utility grid that is only getting worse from year to year.
  4. We believe the cost for PECO electric will gradually and certainly increase over the years, it is just a matter of time.
  5. Since banks pay almost no interest and the stock market belongs to insiders, we decided to invest in electricity.
  6. We believe solar energy will be the only energy source available and a life saver in the event of a power outage emergency.
  7. Solar energy is clean and free and endless energy and helps preserve the earth and all of it's inhabitants.

We decided to add the batteries to our PECO interconnected grid-tied solar system to provide continuous and useable energy in the daytime and nighttime when PECO goes down. Without the backup batteries to store energy, there is no energy available when PECO goes down and the sun is not shining or on super cloudy days and all night long. With a grid-tied only solar system (with no batteries), when the utility grid goes down, the solar system goes down as well - generates and stores no energy.

When the lights go out and the refrigerator stops running and you hear the sound of silence, you know the power just went out! You wonder how long until they get to you and you hope it will be soon. Hours and days could be a challenge, but what about weeks or months? It could get really ugly after the generators are out of fuel and the stand-alone batteries are discharged. Solar energy is the only real continuous and dependable energy solution.

Reasons For Battery Backup

  1. To be prepared for the worst power outage situations
  2. Energy independence in case of a cyber attack on our power grid
  3. The grid infrastructure is old and over loaded and likely to fail
  4. In a major blackout, it could be weeks or months before all power is restored
  5. To keep lights and medical equipment running during a power outage
  6. To recharge household rechargeable batteries for smaller devices
  7. Fear of fuel shortages like what happened during hurricane Sandy
  8. To power an electric car in a short or long-term power outage
  9. Generators are loud and require work, storage, maintenance, and fuel... and might not even start or run
  10. Quiet, clean energy is the way to go and the future and we need to save the earth from us

About Our PECO Interconnected Grid-Tied Solar System